A holiday in the mountains in an almost mystical place


The power of Swiss stone pines flows from the roots up into the gnarled treetops.

It hangs like a spell over the mountain landscape that the people up here have cultivated for centuries following alpine traditions.

The Kopp-Musch family spent a long time looking for a special place. They found it at the Plattenrain – a place above the clouds where new perspectives are revealed. Their love for this special place inspired the idea of building something special for connoisseurs and nature lovers: the Nature Apart Hotel Puitalm.

"Puit" is Tyrolean dialect, which is spoken in the region, and means "place" or also "plain". There was a traditional alpine pasture on the site of the Aparthotel for many years. Then, as is the case now, it was a retreat in the mountain world, shaped by the landscape that carries you here and the freedom that surrounds you there.

We are delighted to have you here, Your Kopp-Musch family.

A look back

The area around the Puitalm has been an excursion destination with a varied history for a solid 100 years now. At first a popular retreat for recreation-seekers from the city and the region, the place attracted skiing fans in the late 1970s. Two ski lifts operated on the slopes until 1998. Following their closure, the place regained its natural tranquillity. A natural jewel of relaxation and meditation, the Kopp-Musch family took it over in 2016 to open the Nature Apart Hotel Puitalm.

Chronicle of moments


Former mayor Bernhard Karl Sr. builds a mountain inn on the Plattenrain at the foot of the Venet massif. It soon establishes itself as a popular place for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts to stop for refreshments. This is followed by several renovations and an expansion into a mountain retreat and guesthouse.


The development company is founded and the ski lifts on the Plattenrain and the neighbouring Galtwiese are built: The popular Plattenrain Cup races from the Hochaster Alm to the Kammerwiese go down in local history. Pitztal ski star Benni Raich also trained on the Plattenrain in his youth.


The closure of the ski lifts is imminent. The splendid mountain nature retains its beauty. The Puitalm and the Plattenrain areas continue to be popular for hiking, ski tours and recreation to this date.

2016 – 2022

Hildegard and Swen Kopp-Musch acquire the old mountain inn on the Plattenrain, which has fallen into disrepair, so that they can realise their dream of a high-quality, family-run apartment complex in the mountains of Tyrol. The Nature Apart Hotel Puitalm develops from their ideas and ideals.

2022 – heute

On 01.08.2022 the Kopp-Musch family and their Puitalm team opened the Puitalm Natur Apart Hotel and mountain restaurant. They look forward to all visitors from near and far.